How to Fix Tag URLs

Just posting this because I noticed that the tag links on my tumblr & other blogs weren’t working (for tags with two+ words and “:”, etc.). In case anybody is also interested in fixing them :)

EDIT: Originally posted in 2011. Pretty sure Tumblr has since fixed the error - haven’t had to replace the {TagURL} in recent layout codes myself. Below steps are probably outdated, but if you’re having tag issues, they’re worth a try.

STEP 1: Find the problematic code.

In your theme code, look for a section similar to this (containing “TagURL”). It might be easier to do this in a text editor like Notepad, Notepad++, or TextWrangler (instead of on Tumblr directly)


STEP 2: Replace the “TagURL” (2 options).

*** Option 1 ***

If you change your URL name often, you can replace it with “/tagged/{Tag}”


*** Option 2 ***

If you don’t change your URL name at all, or the above doesn’t seem to work for your theme, replace it with “your blog url/tagged/{Tag}”


STEP 3: Repeat and Replace ALL occurrences of {TagURL}

Some themes have MULTIPLE places where {TagURL} is used - you must replace all of them. Ctrl+F (find/search) throughout the code and keep replacing until they’ve all been removed. Test that your tags work across your blog pages (not just page 1!)

Simple change! ♥
If you have any issues, just pop into my Ask and I’ll be glad to have a look~

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